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Tool construction
Other Processes & Services To produce the best quality products, you have to use the best presses. That's why we have 18 high-speed 22 and 30 ton BRUDERER presses, capable of speeds to 1500 spm. Ditron's innovative, thin gauge material processing methods allow us to stamp dimensionally repeatable parts at incredibly high speeds from batch to batch in small quantities, or throughout the run of high volume jobs.

Our pressroom technicians are thoroughly trained in both press operations and quality control techniques. Our die design, die making, production, stamping and quality control equipment are the most advanced available. Simply put, that translates into quick turnaround time, impeccable accuracy and superior quality for our customers.

We are so confident in our tool design, construction and process controls that since 1980, we have run loose-piece, high-volume stampings as a "lights out" second and third shift operation.

Financial stability is important whether you are a customer or supplier. Our strong financial position allows us to inventory raw material ahead of our customers scheduled needs, providing a smaller inventory position for the customer without jeopardizing the final customer's requirements.

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