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Other Processes & Services Quality Control is an integral part of all Ditron processes. From the time the customer places an order, the Quality Control Department is involved in detailing a specific quality plan suited for that customer's particular need. Through continuous tracking of customer specified and process controlling dimensions, Ditron Quality Control monitors and predicts trends that will affect die performance. Using tools such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), we chart CP/CPK, X and R for critical dimensions. This allows us to change or correct process parameters before a defect occurs, saving material, stamping time and preserving our on-time delivery commitment.

For all new tooling programs, the customer is provided a complete first article inspection plus a copy of the production inspection plan, process flow charts and certification documentation for review and comment.

At Ditron, traceability begins at the receiving dock where raw material is inspected to stringent standards. The material is assigned a permanent lot number, which is maintained throughout each of the manufacturing processes to the final product. As part of the traceability process through date code, we inventory inspection documentation and retained samples for a period of three years.

Ditron continuously strives to improve our quality. To that end, since 1989, we are rated as a Six-Sigma supplier to IBM and are nearing completion of the journey to become ISO 9001-2000 registered.

Quality at Ditron is not only measured by our ability to deliver defect-free products, but it is an attribute that is paramount to our customer service. Rapid customer response is an avocation at Ditron and we guarantee all inquiries receive prompt and courteous attention. In fact, the company's president personally ensures all queries concerning product or production and requests for quotation receive a response within a 24-hour window. To further assist our customers, we also provide shipping lists, order tracking and fax confirmation for daily shipments leaving our facility.

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