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We have carefully designed our state-of-the-art tool room to promote a smooth flow of machining processes and materials. We use time-proven methods of tool construction utilizing spring strippers, split and ground carbide die sections, carbide punches and carbide forms when appropriate. The split and ground (segmented) die sections provide longer production runs with less part variability before maintenance is required.

Ditron was one of the first companies to understand and recommend the benefits of using 4 pillar aluminum die shoes with ball bearing cages. Aluminum die shoes reduce tool construction lead-time, facilitate engineering-requested part revision and put less wear and tear on the stamping press.

New tool construction is supported by Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Our CIM module utilizes an ESPRITTM software engine and is fully integrated with our CAD system and engineering department. As a job shop, we continually design and build new tooling components to meet our customers' special needs.

ESPRIT offers "Knowledge Based Machining" technique that frees us from the arduous task of writing CNC G-code programs on paper tape and testing on the shop floor. Our tooling engineers design and program die components using a CAD terminal away from the shop floor. Once the virtual process has been debugged, the completed CIM program is downloaded to the Charmilles EDM center and the fabrication process begins in a "lights out" operation.

This approach to die design and construction means our customers never pay an annual maintenance or rebuild charge. Ditron tooling is built for perpetual life as long as the customer continues to purchase parts.

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